Established global network of sourcing & supply

What we offer

Specialised Cold Chain Product Handling

We ensure that all pharmaceuticals supplied have been maintained within the labeled storage temperature ranges during transportation.

Experienced Regulatory Department

Highly trained and experienced professionals dedicated to regulatory operations, is the right partner you need in Malta.

On The Ground Sales & Marketing

Our team carriers out extensive market research to understand consumer needs and in turn executes go to market strategies that are in line with the Malta Medicines Authority Guidelines.

Established presence

With over fifty years of experience, our target markets comprise both the private and public sectors.

We serve the private sector through our national distribution network. Whereas we are a key supplier for the government’s pharmaceutical and health care requirements within the Department of Health and public sector entities.

Represented Brands


  1. Authorised wholesale distribution operations
    • Procurement
    • Holding
    • Supply
  2. Medicinal products with additional requirements
    • Products according to Art.83 of 2001/83/EC1
    • Narcotic or psycothropic products
    • Medicinal products derived from blood
    • Immunological medicinal products
    • Cold chain products

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